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Skoda Clever Plan

Simply Clever!


Scoda Clever Plan


ŠKODA Financial Services has created the ŠKODA Clever Plan.

The financial program rewards those who choose it with a key advantage: the more services you enjoy, the lower the interest rate. That’s what ŠKODA Clever Plan means: a financial program tailored to everyone's needs!


Preferential fixed interest rate from 3.9%

with a guaranteed repurchase value of the vehicle by the importer or refinancing of the last large installment, through Auto Clever and Auto Clever Plus

Integration of services into the monthly installment

with gradual, stress-free repayment

Pre-agreed service prices for 4 years

Concerning regular service on ŠKODA's official network

Particularly economical and stable premium

for the duration of financing without any charge from possible increases during this period, even in the event of an accident.

Warranty Extension

2 years factory warranty extension (4 years in total or 90,000 km)

Car Value Guarantee

which is offered through Allianz for the entire duration of the financing, and concerns compensation in the value of the invoice and not in its current commercial vehicle

Credit Repayment Protection

with the possibility of enriching the insurance coverage

Classic Clever
Financial Program for Equal Payments

Nominal interest rate

6.5% (plus 0.6% levy under Law 128/1975)
Minimum Down Payment  15%
Duration of Funding 12-84 months
Credit Protection Insurance* Package A, B or C
Car Insurance* Protection Gold
Warranty Extension* 2 year factory warranty extension (4 years total or 90,000 km)

*Included in the monthly installment

Insurance Covers

Protection Gold

• Civil liability to third parties

• Roadside accident assistance - All Help

• Civil liability within a ferry

• Medical Support

• Trailer liability

• Protection of loan repayment / owner's accident

• Damages from an uninsured vehicle

• Fire / terrorist actions

• Civil liability for fire

• Fire from strikes

• Total theft

• Value guarantee

• Theft replacement vehicle

And of course, you can add more coverage, depending on your particular personal requirements.


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