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Financial Programs 

By  Volkswagen Bank

Financial Programs

Volkswagen Bank, with its long experience and prestigious status, guarantees programs with the greatest flexibility and the most advantages for its customers. A pioneer in the development of innovative products for financing cars and motorcycles, it constantly creates new programs tailored to the modern social needs and personal requirements of its customers.

Discover all the funding options that fit perfectly to your needs


New car finance programs 

Classic Credit is a flexible program for financing a car or motorcycle purchase that allows you to pay off your value easily with equal installments. 


Financial programs for used cars 

At Volkswagen Bank, we cover the needs of our clients in the purchasing of used cars, offering specialized financial programs.


Loan protection

Volkswagen Bank has created a pioneering program that offers secure and timely coverage of monthly installments in case of inability of the customer when difficult or unfortunate moments occur.

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