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Operating Leasing

Operating Leasing

Operating leasing services are provided  by Volkswagen Financial Services Hellas AE (VWFS Hellas AE), a 100% subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, Europe's largest financial services organization. It was founded in May 2018 and is exclusively activated in the long-term leasing of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (lcv)  of  VW Group.

What is long-term leasing?

It is an alternative way to acquire a car, which is addressed to companies, professionals and private individuals and concerns the use of private passenger vehicles, as well as light commercial vehicles, which are leased for an agreed monthly rental for a specified period after which the lessee returns the car. The leasing duration is from 36-60 months and the monthly rental includes full insurance coverage, scheduled maintenance of the car through the nationwide network of VW Group authorized dealers, tire changes, road tax, car replacement and 24-hour roadside assistance. During the leasing period, the rental is pre-determined and  VWFS Hellas AE is the owner of the car.

What are the advantages of choosing long-term leasing?

Minimum initial capital

Strengthening of liquidity

Budget of expenses

Save time and money

Providing high-quality of  insurance, maintenance and repair services exclusively through the VW Group Authorized Representative Network

Estimates the risk

From accounting perspective, when a company owns a car it is recorded as a fixed asset on the balance sheet contrary to the leasing where the company does not own the car. 

Vehicle renewal upon expiration of the leasing with a new vehicle

To whom is Leasing addressed to?

Everybody! More specifically, individuals (employees, retirees), freelancers (doctors, lawyers, civil engineers), individual companies and companies of all kinds.

How can you lease a car from Volkswagen Financial Services Hellas AE?

With the most direct and easy way! You can just visit  any VW Group exhibition nationwide and trust our experienced and highly trained salespersons, who will give you an offer tailored to your needs and desires. If you accept the offer, VWFS Hellas AE will check your creditworthiness based on the required financial and legal documents and upon completion of the approval, you will sign the contract, deposit the agreed guarantee  so that we can proceed to order your vehicle. The day you will pick up  your vehicle, the leasing is activated.

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