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SEAT 2 in One Financing Program

SEAT 2 in One Financing Program

- Preferential Interest Rate 6.5%

- Duration 12-84 months

- Insurance by Allianz for the entire duration of the loan

- Loan / installment protection

Benefit from the service package offered by SEAT Financial Services by incorporating the following services in a monthly installment with a gradual, stress-free payment:

- Preferential fixed interest rate of 6.5% (plus 0.6% levy based on Law 128/1975).

- Allianz car insurance with a "locked" premium for the entire duration of the loan, without the risk of future increases.

- Free of charge coverage of the Car Value Guarantee, in reference to compensation in the price list price and not in the current commercial.

- Protection of Loan Repayment with the possibility of enriching  insurance covers.

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